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Why Diversified Investments Are Crucial

Published by Tyler Schlumpf

There are two main types of risk involved in investing: systematic and unsystematic risk. The first, systematic risk, is the general market risk all investors take when they buy stocks and bonds. Unsystematic risk, however, comes in many different forms. Specific company, credit and liquidity risks are just a few. While systematic risk cannot be diversified away, unsystematic risk can through diversified investments. Read more


History Matters!

Published by Karl V. Kimball

During a recent trip to Washington DC to take in the sights, I was reminded of how very rich our nation’s past is and how important that history is when interpreting current events and informing us as to how we should move toward the future. Read more


How Much Do I Need to Retire?

Most people plan to leave the workforce at some point in their life.  While some have a desire to maintain a sense of purpose by working well into their seventies, we more often find ourselves helping people plan for an earlier departure. Achieving financial freedom, or the ability to work because one wants to and not because one needs to, takes time and thoughtful retirement planning.  Read more


What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

Published by Jake Bleicher

When I think of retirement, I think of spending a month traveling throughout Asia tasting exotic cuisines. I want to go fishing in Alaska with my buddies and send my grandchildren to college. I want to surprise underprivileged children with presents on Christmas, donate to cancer research and leave an inheritance to my children. More than anything, I want the freedom to do what I want to do. I want to enjoy retirement. It is a goal I am working diligently towards. Read more


When Should I Retire?

This compelling question is one that we are asked with increasing frequency. We think it is best answered by telling the story of two men who retired early with strikingly different results. Read more


Why I Remain a Financial Advisor

Published by Karl V. Kimball.

Over the years, I have been asked many times why I became a financial advisor. While there are many compelling reasons to become a financial advisor, I must admit that none of the typical reasons applied to me and my path to this professional role. Read more


Seven Sins of Divorce

Published by Mark Petersen

Divorce is one of the most emotional experiences people may contend with in their lives. With the exception of Ross Geller on Friends, most people may only experience divorce once or twice in their lifetime. With limited exposure to the process, it may be easy to get caught up in the moment and fall victim to one or more of the seven sins of divorce. Read more


How Much is Enough?

If you’ve found yourself in front of a television for any amount of time, you have seen advertisements targeting people moving quickly toward retirement. One such ad suggests that a person can simply move along a path that is as easy to follow as a green line running along a sidewalk. Another commercial proposes there is a set number to save toward that will guaranty a happy, and by implication, safe retirement. Read more


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Who knew tax reform could be so easy? Less than two weeks after going to conference, Republicans reconciled the differences between the House and Senate bills and released their final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last Friday (12/14) afternoon.[1] The final legislation provides significant permanent tax cuts for businesses, including reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Most individual taxpayers will also receive tax benefits, including lower marginal tax rates, and a reduction in the top tax rate for the wealthiest Americans from 39.6% down to 37%. However, all of the individual tax breaks will expire at the end of 2025 to comply with Senate rules. Read more


Balance is Important

Almost everywhere you turn, health and fitness gurus are talking about the importance of balance in all areas of life. We are told to have a balanced diet, a balance between work and play, a balance between activity and rest, and even a level of balance within the ways we exercise. It seems too much of any one thing or continually doing the same things can be more harmful than good. Read more